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A Hard Life Fighting Hurricanes



Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:July, 2018
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An open air (hot) mall in Huntsville Alabama was having a Pokeman event of some sort. Folks from all over would be there Pokemaning around having fun. Naturally the OFM’s DIL had to go participate. Grandson Gavin is mixed up in that stuff also. Then  the OFM got to go along to provide companionship for Piper (grand daughter) and his son.

The game plan was for Piper’s escorts, grandpa and Dad to walk her around the mall in her stroller while the other team did the pokemanning. And that is how it happened for three hours in the nice bright sun of North Alabama. It is a secret but the OFM forgot his hat and that he was not wearing a hat. The heroic red glow from his dome reminded him when we got home and looked in a mirror.

As it turned out Piper was wonderful. She even slept for a good hour or so.

There were lots of pretty flowers blooming. Piper’s Dad used his phone to take a picture of one of them the OFM thought was extra pretty.

The center of the flower was very dramatic so we enlarged it for our readers to appreciate.

The OFM’s worn out shoes was not nice to his feet during all that walking. The best we can tell it worked out to be about the same as four and a half trips around the equator of Earth. New shoes are on the agenda now.

A new future plan has been firm jelloed up. The Teams are rolling out for Rockport, Tx and the redfish runs of September thru November on August 5. At this time we are planning on being there through Christmas 2018. No plans have been made for after that time period. 

We are looking forward to time spent beach and jetty fishing.  Of course a good bit of beach combing is planned on. The most important part is NO HURRICANES ALLOWED.  They can get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. What a fun day out with the family and wearing pout your shoes.
    I know you enjoy Rockport as we do too. Hopefully we will pass that way this fall, it has been a few years. Travel safe when the time comes.

    1. Keep in mind Rockport has doubled in population in the last four years but still the same land area.

    2. Thanks Barney, No problem we can still enjoy the area.

  2. Seems like everyone had a good time at the outdoor event but your head and feet :)

    You write so fondly about Rockport I think it might merit a visit in the future.

    That is indeed a lovely flower!

  3. I'm glad to see you're headed back to Rockport. Your blog post seem to have you happier and more at peace there than most other places. Be safe, have fun.