Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


Great Restaurant

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date: July, 2018
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The OFM woke early again. This is getting to be tiresomely old. So it was an early breakfast and then to work. There are three outside compartments in the Castle. The under couch one was first. The stuff was pulled out and the compartment was swept nice and clean. Then all the worthwhile stuff was placed inside in an orderly fashion. All the reject things were moved to the bed of Sierra. The OFM sweat was dripping on the ground by now.

Next was the rear compartment under the bath closet and dinette seat. This is where the hoses, tools, spare Castle parts (water pump) and other heavy things are stored. The same sequence went on for this cabinet. This time very little had to be eliminated. Mostly it was just clean out desert dust. That dadgum desert dust can get inside a ping pong ball.

By the time this was finished the OFM had sweated a soup puddle where he was standing. We learned that phrase from Grandson Gavin. So the OFM drank a gallon or three of water and we headed up to the front compartment under the bed.

For some reason the Castle kept on wiggling. The OFM noticed it and was concerned. The under bed compartment was mostly emptied. The batteries are in there and they were left in place during all this. But we did get a couple of barrels of dirt out of the compartment. This is where the air compressor, trailering mirrors, vacuum cleaner, golf clubs, and other bulky things are stored.

By now the Castle was so much lighter it was trying to float off. So the OFM let the ordinary air out of the tires and replaced it with heavy air. Now the Castle rested quietly while the cleaning and repacking was finished. All the leftover stuff was moved to the back of Sierra and the pond of sweat was three inches deep.

With the Castle all finished the Teams took Sierra over to the recycle dumpster and off loaded all the stuff removed from the Castle. On return to the Castle, the OFM decided he deserved a fine lunch. First of course was a shower. Then we headed to the best Mexican Grill we have ever eaten at Casa Santiago next to Walmart. WOW that was great food as usual. It ran us $11 with tip. Of course a nice nap was called for, but we made the OFM wait until he drove us safely home for the nap in the AC.

Now that he is up again and somewhat functioning he decided that not making sweat puddles was the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun for the rest of the day.

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