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What Is It?

Adventure Location: Rockport Harbor, TX.
Adventure Date: 1/12/2018

The OFM has walked and ridden his bicycles out on this breakwater at least a hundred times since we started coming here in  late 2007. This is the first time he has noticed the OBJECT. Of course he never walked out on the breakwater when the water was as low as it is now. As he was in a good Meander mode, he was really paying attention to everything he could see.

Suddenly this object was visible under the water surface.

Now what is that he thought (yes he really does think once in a while). His eyes tried really hard to decipher the object. The water was just a bit too rough to make it out. After identifying the location so it could be found again, the Team went away to wait for a calmer day. That day was today and the pictures were take late this afternoon.

The Teams still could not be certain what we were seeing. When the water is back to normal there is about 3.5 feet more water over the object. We doubt it is visible then.

After taking several more pictures of the object we headed back to the Castle. Using our limited photographic skills the pictures were enhanced so the object was somewhat better.

Here is one end of the object.

What could that be?

Here is the other end of the object. They seem to be attached to each other but it is lightly covered with mud in the middle.

Several things come to mind in the fertile field of the OFM’s imagination. Not the least is some sort of sleeping SEA MONSTER.

One thing for certain it was fun to imagine about and photograph. It made for a great afternoon of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Someone wasn't having a good day when they lost their Canoe but for someone trying to decipher what it was was a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. How about an ancient dug out canoe? could be worth a fortune !

  3. I'm going with monster. It's obviously the remains of a canoasaurus, these insidious creatures that resemble a canoe sneak up beside canoeists and without rhyme or reason instantly tip them over. I've had this happen to me personally on several occasions.

  4. Canoes tend to be pointed at both ends. Even those few canoes that have motors slim down before the motor mount. It doesn't look like there is a motor worth diving for, though. So it must be a rowboat. Mustn't it? Although I suppose the Russians might build their submarines flat on one end.

  5. I'm thinking that was 100% Duct tape around the mouth of some type of underwater sea monster. You could have jumped in and maybe saved it.