Heavy Foliage


Bottomed Out

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/26/2018

Today it got all the way up to 75F with sunshine in the afternoon. The OFM was doing a little getting out and about when he decided a fishing lure needed to be washed of in the saltwater. So we got Sierra to take the Teams off to the harbor for some messing around.

The lure and popping cork went to work in the beautiful green water. Surely there is a fish in there. If there was it did not have any interest in our offering. The OFM started to shut the fishing effort down.

When he glanced on out to the end of the moorings, a sight that was not expected was waiting.  Some thing did not look right about the scene down that way.

So the fishing gear was stowed away in Sierra and the camera came out. We had Meanderthal work to do. The Team headed out toward the end of the moorings. We threaded our way past the Yacht Club building that is getting a new roof. There must be twenty folks working on that building.

As we got closer we could see there was a serious trouble happening with the old wooden boat that is rotting apart. Then when we got to the boat we could see that the aft section was sitting on the bottom of its slip.  This looks like a real trouble to us.

As you can see the boat is partially held together with straps and extra boards nailed on here and there. It might turn out to be a good story some day soon but for now somebody is having a bad day. We seriously doubt that having your boat sinking is a very good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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