Mystery Critter

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 01/04/2018

We awoke this morning to a light frost all over everything outside. The temperature was showing 35F so we have no idea how the frost could exist, but it was there. Before long the temp was in the high 40s and by the time the Teams go out to make trouble it was mid-50s and fantastic bright sunshine.

Sierra took the Teams over to the Beach Park to get the OFM to do some walking outdoors instead of inside Walmart. The OFM surprised us by deciding that it was a great idea since he might find a photograph waiting to be taken. The water in the area is about 2 feet low so we got to see lots of gulf bottom from the wooden fishing pier. Seems to be a good bit of storm debris out there getting covered with algae. Certainly some fishing lures will end up attached to the junk.

At least it was a beautiful day. The OFM did find one nice photograph out on the wooden pier.

Those are some pretty neat clouds we think. After about 3/4 of a mile of walking the OFM started to get a hitch in his getalong so we climbed back in Sierra and headed to the Castle for some ibuprofen. In an hour or so the OFM was noticeably better. 
The rest of the day was playing with his new toys (watercolor pencils). He sure has fun with that art stuff. He makes big messes and has fun.  At least he realizes not to call himself an artist.

During the cold spell of the last couple of days we managed a few pictures down near the rock pier. The tide was way out and lots of beach was exposed. When we got the pictures out of the camera there was a surprise waiting for us. Next to a piling that normally has about 3 feet of water around it was a sea monster of some sort crawling on the sand. What is it? We have no idea but the OFM was not about to go back down there to confront the critter for proper identification.

Maybe it is an Arctic critter that came down here on the cold wave. If somebody recognizes it tell us what it is, please. We do not think trying to pet it is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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