Heavy Foliage


Hug A Heater

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 01/07/2018

A Meanderthal never know what they will find as they meander an area. Check out this cave that has been dug into a large sand embankment. 

We wonder what that cave houses. Maybe a special person who wants to live down near the seashore. It was a surprise to the OFM when we ran across it.

Now the full story. The small cave picture was taken while the OFM was messing around on the Rockport Beach the other day. He was trying for a different picture that you can see here.

The big picture did not work out but we noticed the little cave. The first picture is an enlargement of the portion in the blue box. The OFM figured the picture was worthless but as he sat there looking at it for a while he decided to show his readers how just plain cropping of a photo can make a world of difference. We hope you enjoyed the little teaser tonight.

A few days ago it was a foggy morning around here so the OFM went out to find some foggy pictures. They were in great abundance but the available light was a bit dark for photography.

These next two pictures have been cropped but that is all. We like to take the extraneous stuff out of our pictures before we show them to our readers.

This picture was taken from just as you enter the pier. It was a cool morning with little wind. It took holding the camera against a post to get the camera still enough to be not too fuzzy. The OFM can shake a granite boulder when he gets cold.

The tide was way out this day so several of the sandbars out from the beach were exposed. Some of the bird life were standing around being lazy on the sandbars and this bird was actually sleeping. If you enlarge the picture you can see it has it’s head under a wing. Seems like a cold place for a nap to us.

There were plenty of other pictures available but the OFM decided he wanted to hug a heater as a better way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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