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Nothing To Do

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 01/01/2018

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes left in the comments today. The Teams really appreciate it.
Your regularly scheduled blog starts now.

2018 has started with an incredible BANG. The OFM thought (yes he actually had a thought for a change) that it would be a slow day considering the nasty weather and the special football games on TV. Not to mention all the big meals planned.


The OFM still is flabbergasted when someone tells him they are bored with their retirement. There is nothing to do. Yeah right.

The OFM says he needs to double the day as a minimum to let him even attempt to keep up with everything he tries to do. By the time 1930 rolled around and it was time to start this blog entry, the Castle’s table was a huge wreck with art attempts littering the area. The computer was bogged down with photos being considered for blogs, art attempts and emails from folks. Jeesh. OK enough of that.

During a drive around to just get outside for a bit, Sierra took us to the Rockport Beach Park to check out the cold playground. There was very few people out and only two brave or foolish folks out of their vehicle. It was cold 36F with a light drizzle and some wind. When we stopped at the fish cleaning station we got the idea it might be really miserable out there.

No seagulls or pelicans were in the area. If fact we did not see one during our whole outing. We have never seen that before in this park. In our nine years of coming here there has always been at least one bird of some sort on guard.

When Sierra was bringing us back to the Castle after the Whataburger visit tonight, a strange phenomena was happening in the dark night sky. You have probably seen an instance of a cloud cover starting to break up and the sun breaking through in patches and streaks of light.

Well, that was happening tonight with the moonlight. The OFM did his best to get a picture of it but it did not work out very well. However this is what we did manage to get.

The camera was held against the Castle and the shutter very gently pushed. It was so dark out that the OFM could not see the camera controls to operate the camera properly. But as usual he pushed some buttons anyway in hopes of something showing up. It did. Yea!

And there you have some of the high points of this boring day with nothing to do for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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