Nice Morning


Treasure Hunting

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/27/2018

Today it got all the way up to 63F with rain in the afternoon. So the Teams did a little meandering this morning before the rains hit. Our main item was to check on the sinking boat. We found that it is still sinking. The forward part of the boat is definitely lower in the water. It has also taken a more severe list to port.

That did not take long so we had Sierra carry us over to the Rockport Beach to do some more meandering. We are needing the practice. The fog was pretty thick and not much was happening so we started back to the entrance. A HA there is something.

 Sierra got us lined up right for a picture. This fellow was a lot farther away and covered in fog until the camera was let loose to do its job. It came out pretty nice we think. Treasure hunting is great fun. We have been around a few versions of treasure hunting and had some wonderful adventures.

He dug up a spot about every five minutes. Screened the sand and refilled the hole. His treasure bag kept on getting something put into it. The OFM was going to visit him except for what happened next.

Suddenly Sierra started rocking back and forth like a bad wind had started. We glanced over at the water and it was still slick as glass.  ??????????
Then we saw this mosquito on the windshield like a look out. It was on the outside and did not scare away.

The OFM rolled the window down to look outside. When he looked down there was a few million mosquitos pushing and pulling on Sierra trying to tump us over. They were getting pretty violent about it in a hurry. The look out was now cheering them on. Apparently they wanted to bust Sierra open to get at the fresh blood in the OFM container. Well Sierra quickly got its fill of that activity and sped us away to safety.  We hate to think what would happen if those mosquitoes realized the Treasure Hunter was just a few hundred feet away.

For the next half hour or so until the drizzles started, the recovering but still sick OFM chose places for Sierra to take us for a nice look around. But soon the drizzle got to be rain and it was time to go back to the Castle. And that is where we stayed for the rest of the day, piddling around trying to have tooooo much fun.

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