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Buggy Afternoon

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/25/2018

The OFM managed to get almost six straight hours of sleep before the mucus clog jammed his air passage way closed. He rose from his bed in a great rage and panic. For some reason he thinks he needs to be able to breathe often. After the clog was moved on he breathed for a little while and headed back to bed. The rest of the sleep was uninterrupted.

By late afternoon he was ready for the Teams to head out into the chilly damp day and roam a bit. We had a new popping cork to try out and this might be a good day for a short bit of fishing.

There were almost no folks down at the rock pier so we went out on it to try the popping cork design for performance. It failed badly. So we headed back to Sierra.


Over on the animal play area next to the beach was a fellow with a remote controlled hotrod dune buggy. He was looking like a great big smile to us. The buggy was doing all sorts of wild turns, jumps off the small dunes and sometimes some flips and bounces across the grass and sand. At one point the buggy was running across the grass and a bark cannon decided it was interested. The owner of the bark cannon pulled mightily on the lease to control it. The buggy owner turned the buggy away and went on about his business of having fun.

Several times the buggy was sent into the air in a semi controlled manner. Sometimes it landed on it wheels and sometimes not on its wheels.

After probably about twenty minutes of fantastic displays of acrobaticism the buggy took a particularly bad ground impact like the OFM does when he falls. The buggy did not get back up. The owner took off a hatch and poked around for a short time. Nope it was not coming alive again. The cold wind had the OFM shivering, so when the buggy owner picked the buggy up in two pieces and headed to his vehicle, the OFM headed for Sierra.

It certainly looked like playing with that sort of buggy could be an excellent way of trying to have tooooo much fun.  


  1. My oldest son was into RC cars and trucks when he was a teenager, I would drive them every once in a while and they were a great deal of fun, enough so that I considered RC cars as a hobby I could take with me in the Arctic Fox.

    There were a few shooters at Ben Avery's gun range that were also into RC cars, and they built a great dirt racetrack behind the campground that's still there today and can be seen from Google earth. My son and three or four other shooters would race their cars and trucks there in the afternoon when they were done shooting. Those were good times.


  2. That is just the toy you need. You could use it to tease the other camper's dogs or cats or what-ever.

  3. Yup Sounds like fun to me. The acrobatic part. Just driving one of the flats does not sound like fun.