Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


No More Bear Hugs

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 01/08/2018

The day had arrived. Today was the day chosen that the Teams begin their get ready to roll work.The LPG Tanks on the Castle were 30# tanks. One tank lasted us about 11 months. The re-certification date arrived April 1, 2017 for them so on March 31 they were topped off so we would have nearly two years until it was required to re-certify or replace them.

However a bit of a trouble had developed. A single full tank weighed 59# on the bathroom scale. The OFM has gotten so decrepit that he had to bear hug a full one if he had to move it. And even then it was awkward enough that twice he had hurt himself handling the tank. So the OFM decided we would replace the 30# tanks with 20# tanks. That means we will have to refill a tank about every 7 months. That is still not a big deal.

The 20# tank weighs about 38# when full. That is light enough that the OFM can handle and lift it with one hand. MUCH BETTER was his comment. The change also lightened our towing weight another 40 #. Nothing wrong with that. 

Here is the before and after. Notice the tank in reference to the rock guard top line to see the difference.

30# Tanks

20# Tanks

The new tanks certainly were a lot easier to wrestle into place and get the clamp and hoses attached. This is going to be a very good deal for the Teams. One of the old tanks had a little propane still in it and the other was full. The OFM was able to trade them for the propane value to a fellow for some fun stuff. We are very confidant that the new stuff and lighter tanks will help greatly in our efforts of trying to have tooooo much fun in the near future.

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