Heavy Foliage


The Fun Of It

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/24/2018

Lets see how this fun works out. All air passages are partially clogged with hardened play dough. When the OTC dope hits them the clogs come out at the speed of sound propelled by your sore stomach muscles contracting hard enough to break an anvil. Some times a moderate body temperature comes in to rest a bit. Then it falls apart and you sweat about four gallons of sweat to make you feel like you are doing something worthwhile.

In the meantime you have a really hard time talking because every other word is hack or coff or sniff.  Then the huge wad of paper towels you carry around with the plastic shopping bag for holding the used paper towels keeps getting in the way when in the stores. We guess the good part is the folks that are not sick definitely get out of the way in the aisles in self defense.

All in all we think we are doing well because every now and then nothing hurts. But then again it makes you wonder what is wrong. Having tooooo much fun is definitely not in the plans.

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