Heavy Foliage


Slow And Gentle

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
Adventure Date: 1/30/2018

The OFM did get out today and do some walking. He also found out he was not going to exceed yesterdays distance, but he came close. Remember, No pushing allowed is the rule for now.

Along the way he noticed some bright gleams from a few palm trees. It looked like little lights emanating from the trunk of the tree. What it turned out to be was sap reflecting the bright sunlight. Something had damaged the palm trees trucks in this area from ground level up to about 13 feet above ground. Here is what the trunk of the trees looked like.

It looks like something like small rocks hit the trunks at high speed. Maybe some of the parking lot rocks getting shoved by tornadic speed winds made the impacts. They were definitely leaking a lot of sap.

We even considered that maybe debris from the close by gazebo could have been the culprit. All the damage to the trees was on the side toward the bay.

Anyway it was nice break in the mornings events.  

Fishing was done for about an hour of slow walking on a pier and the OFM did not lose a lure. Hooray for him.

We did not even come close to having tooooo much fun but we did achieve a lot of gentle and comfortable fun. So it was a great day.

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