Unpacking Day

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 01/06/2018

It was cool with broken clouds when the Teams stepped out the door of the Castle. We had a volunteer effort in front of us to help a nice couple to unload their truck and trailer of their household goods. They are moving here from NE Texas.

The first pass by their home did not show any activity yet so the Teams went hunting photographs for the blog.  The photo hunting was slim this morning but the treasure hunting was pretty good.

The Castle has been needing some replacement leveling boards for its tires. Today during all the walking and searching two already cut the right length boards were found washed up on a beach to join the Teams. They jumped right up into Sierra’s bed and snuggled down in the storage box. They seemed to like having a home to rest in.

Another trip by the work zone was taken and still no sign of movement yet so the Teams headed out for the Market Street Pier to examine it for photo graphs just waiting to be taken. There were a few but it was still pretty early lighting wise. However we like them.

The sun was barely wiping its eyes clean when the seagull came swooping into the area begging for a picture to send home to its family in the south Carribean. So the OFM grabbed a few shots and this one worked out pretty good.

On down the pier we meandered. The dredging crew was just getting started and this pelican was working hard at waking up to search for breakfast. The chill got to the OFM and had him shaking a bit. You know, just enough to make blurry pictures. So he got over to the rail on the pier and applied his body very diligently to the the rails to steady himself. You realize it is beneficial to be fat at this point so you can wrap the belly fat around the rails to keep yourself really steady.

Any way we god one decent picture of the slowly coming to life pelican.

The pelican stayed right there during all this mess fat wrapping and unwrapping from the had rail. We finally got the pictures and moved on back to Sierra to check out more of the area for the hidden photos that had to be there. However this was all we found today and the moving job was ready to get going.

For the next hour we toted boxes and shop furniture from the truck/trailer to the working area. It was not a bad job but when it was finished the OFM did not volunteer for helping build a fence that is needed. He is lazy you know. Some walking time at the Rockport Beach was done but no more pictures were wandering around.

For supper tonight four of us movers went to a mexican food place and made serious hogs of ourselves and enjoyed the socializing. Now that was a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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