Boat Ramp Cliffs


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Today's Date: 4-1-2022

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We are now located in Rockport Texas in preparation to doing income tax and attending to plans gone awry for when to head to Alabama.

This is the report of our last adventure at Amistad before heading back to “civilization” at Rockport. We actually ended up in the same site we left Rockport from two months ago.

Now on to the 454 road boat ramp report.

Here is the ramp which is the old highway that went across the canyon now partially filled with water. Our exploration is the cliff above the ramp and a walk a good ways out along the mid section of the cliff. It was fairly easy walking if you are very careful.

Notice the abundance of loose rock to get you hurt so be very careful if you follow this meander route. Bring binoculars or a good camera zoom so the opposite side of the lake cliffs can be viewed. We used the camera zoom on this walk. There were lots of caves etc to view on the far shore.

We made our way along the cliffs about mid way up our cliff. It was mostly decent scrambling on loose stones and some almost alive vegetation. Slow patient path finding is rewarded in this area with not having to take an ambulance ride to the nearest body repair facility.

Some of the shrubs growing from the cracks had these yellow flowers that were very vibrantly yellow and gold. No fragrance was noticeable from them.

About the time we hit the point we decided to turn back, the old road that is our side's boat ramp came out of the lake from down on the bottom of the canyon and crawled onto the land WAY over there. This picture was taken with 32 power zoom as we recall.

We managed to make our way back to the starting point without any blood letting on this outing for a good change. And there are interesting sights all over this lake since it is 51 feet low and uncovering lots of ways of trying to have tooooo much fun climbing cliffs and jumping back into the lake water.

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  1. Hope somebody knows what those yellow flowers are. I have no clue. Hope you have a good trip back to the coast.