Morning Sun


Sunshine and Blue Skies


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-22-2021

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The day started with sunshine and blue skies and got better from there. By noon the mud was mostly dried enough to walk on without sinking in on our morning walk. It will take a day or two to regain our knowledge of the park trails. Once today we came out at an unexpected spot and had to regroup. But the walking was very nice. We even managed to stay out of the two inch thorns in the bushes along the trails.

We made a pass by the Butterfly Garden but some sort of activity was going on there so we will visit another day for pictures.

Out on another trail we managed to get a nice view of the very low lake and Mexico on the far side. It was about 80F by this time and dry. WOW.

Then it was over to the county park to visit old friends boondocking there. We talked so much that the camera in the OFM's pocket was forgotten about. So no pics from that event.

Back at the Castle we pulled out a 2x8 we had salvaged from floating in the bay waters at Rockport. The OFM short saw was put to work and we now have several nice new to us leveling boards for the Castle. The old boards are over ten years old and some are still in working shape. But it was time for a few new ones to join the gang.

Overall it was a very pleasant gentle day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Yea. Glad you made it and all had been and is well. IF you can stay safe from the dangerous wildlife out there yesterday.

  2. gotta have a collection of good leveling boards, you always need them.

  3. You should sell the thorn picture to a jigsaw company. It would make an awesome puzzle.