Demolished It


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-9-2021

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A chilly damp day it has been for the Teams. The OFM has had a misery with the airborne allergies and the high winds. But one great accomplishment was done. The old computer was demolished with great vigor and the pieces placed violently in the dumpster just before the garbage truck showed up to empty it. It was a good old computer for most of the 14 years we used it.

Nope no pictures tonight. When the OFM went down to walk this afternoon, the cool wet chill was too much for him and his allergies difficulties. So we went to Walmart instead and picked up a couple of things and headed back to the Castle.

At the Castle the OFM got the wild idea it was time for him to draw a flower from scratch and then color it. Four hours later the results from the effort were ripped to shreds and stuffed into the kitchen trash can. There is still a lot of practice needed.

So out came the Cactus coloring book and the OFM spent a nice long time just being peaceful and putting up with allergy drainage. Good progress was made on the coloring book picture. As least the OFM has been learning more about blending and other art things while coloring in the book.

Even though it was a difficult day, getting to learn more new stuff is a wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Whoa! You ripped it up and threw it out?? I think you should do more of the drawing of it yourself. I think a long while back you posted something you had drawn and painted by yourself and it was fine! But as long as you are enjoying your pencils, all is good. Maybe this pacific front which is bringing us cold and snow tomorrow up here in north central Texas will blow out all the bad stuff in the air. (Or it will bring you some of the "cedar fever" Austinites suffer from every winter.I do hope not! Surely that pollen would dissipateby the time it gets to you!)

  2. The 11 paintings from the Cactus coloring book have been for learning to blend colored pencil. The other 60+ paintings have all been original art works.