Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Mexico Sunset


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-27-2021

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The OFM Photography Team was sitting on a long unused wooden bench deep in the south Texas brush waiting for a spectacular Mexican sunset when they started up. One coyote pack was somewhere off to our north and sounded like a large pack with several juveniles in it.

When they finally took a break another pack to our south started up and was very loud also. In fact we did not recognize any youngster type yelps in the southern pack. Hopefully they would not decide to meet halfway at our resting bench. So we were very quiet and listened carefully.

Naturally this late in the evening other critters were out and about. Some critters were down the hill in front of us rooting around tearing up bushes and who knows what. Those were likely a javelina pack. They shouldn't be a trouble unless they had little ones with them.

Sure enough in a few minutes more as it was getting darker the brush along the trail we had followed to this perfect spot to take the picture, started emitting unfamiliar sounds quietly as something starting looking for supper.

By now the OFM imagination was running wild. He was afraid we might be at the wrong spot at the wrong time with all this wild animal activity so close by. But he kept watching the sunset waiting for the right moment. Occasionally a picture would be taken and examined on the camera screen to see if it was the one. NOPE.

Then he remembered it was time for the night predator snakes to start moving around also. Naturally since the OFM was out of practice for this kind of adventure, he did not bring a flash light. The moon is bright, he will not need a flash light. Yea right.

So the sun finally went down enough. He took a few frames to be sure we had at least something to show for getting eaten by a coyote pack. We carefully tip toed out of there trying to look like slop that no self respecting critter would attempt to eat. The most reassuring thought he had was that it had been three decades since the last mountain lion encounter in the area.

We finally made it back to the Castle safely. Then the photos were edited and the shot came out very nice we think. Maybe it was worth all the worry.

And that is how we closed out a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Nice picture and a good story.
    You don't have a walking stick? I bought a golf club in Quartzsite some years back ($2) as a walking stick. I cut the club off & stuck a twig in the hollow stem. It works great as a third leg and to touch things first when I'm not sure, doesn't weigh much and that Ping shaft is hard stuff!

    1. I still have the same Sherlock walking stick I have had for over 40 years. It has been in many blog pictures and stories.

  2. I read yesterday that it was coyote mating season. Great sunset pic!

  3. Glad you Safely got your Sunset Picture so that you can spend more time having tooooo much fun.

    It's about time.

  4. I guess I will be the one to ask. Is that perfectly horizontal black line the wall?
    That sunset's a beauty!
    Thanks for your effort, Barney.

    1. That black line is the Mexico shore line. The International boundary is the middle of the water. There is no wall in this area.

    2. Thanks for the reply. I didn't think so, but should've searched it
      before I asked.