Don't Fall


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-23-2021

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Falcon State Park is a walking park with LOTS of different and pleasant trails, paths and roadways for your walking exercise. The OFM got his money's worth of walking today. Mostly this is a bring the kids to the park or bring the boat to the park. The lake is the biggest attraction. However after spending time here for decades, the OFM considers it an outstanding walking park. We are working up a blog about the trails and what they offer for a future blog.

Today the OFM went out to take a normal exercise walk. Well he got in about 2.1 miles before he had to rest. There is no flat trails here. They all are slightly uphill or slightly down hill. Even that little bit makes a big difference from the flat paths of the Rockpot Texas paths.

We ended up at the top of the boat ramp and took this picture from the top of the ramp.

Not too bad is it. So we went to the bottom to see what there was to see. A bunch of small animal tracks in the mud was the main attraction. Then the OFM looked up the ramp to go back up.! "Good grief it got steeper it looks like!”

Sure enough it was a lot steeper going up than coming down. We went up it at a much slower cadence of steps than coming down. Then the OFM had to go lean on a post and breathe for a little while. We are beginning to think the 74th birthday a while back is starting to have an effect on him.

At one spot next to our path was a spider web covering a ant hole in the ground. We did not see any ants or spiders this morning but it looks like a spider is hoping for a feast soon.

And we are now up to about 0900 for today and still have lots to talk about. But it will have to wait for tomorrow to tell more stories about trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That's what we like about climbing the mountain ranges of the southwest. The hardest part is at the beginning and it's downhill from there. Glad you are finding ways of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Is it normal for the lake to be that low in January? I was curious so checked the park's website. It does say levels can fluctuate by 40 feet, but when there's a boat ramp a person does expect to see some water at the bottom of it.

    1. This is a multi-season drought out here on the Rio Grande. All three of the major Rio Grande lakes are way down. Falcon, Amistad and Elephant Butte.

  3. I saw the title of this blog "Don't fall" and then I saw the header picture (thorns!)and had to agree! :-)