Lost and Lost Again


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 1-25-2021

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Coyote packs are howling off and on this evening out in the brush. We are hoping there are no more lost or "turned around"

folks out there since it is now dark. The coyotes can sound neat from at your campsite but out lost in the seven foot tall brush after dark they don't sound as nice.

The Teams have been here four days and twice we have helped “turned around” folks to find their way back to the correct part of the trail system.

Here you are wandering along the trail having a wonderful time looking at everything. Birds are going every which way and your binoculars can't seem to keep up.

You are really enjoying the walk in the wild when suddenly you encounter this wye and you have no idea which way to go. You are only six feet tall so you cannot see through the thick brush nor see over the brush for anything to orient yourself.

You get lucky and along meanders the OFM. He orients you and away you go. Sure enough the next day he meets you again lost in the brush again even though you stayed on the trail. The OFM greets you warmly and helps you again but this time recommends that you get a copy of the trail map from the office to carry with you.

Over the years this has happened several times in different parks. Some places can get plumb dangerous to lose you orientation and spot knowledge. Think Guadalupe Mountains NP and many others.

Each part of each trail in this park is started and ends with a sign similar to this one.

Several places among the trails are signs showing you the layout.

The trails are dots and the roads solid lines. The developed trails are the ones shown on the map. If you are on a trail not shown on the map, it is called a volunteer trail likely started by a deer or javelina headed for water or food.

So do not go down a trail until you are well versed in trail travel, have a general map and KNOW HOW TO USE IT.

Being lost in the wild is NOT a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Glad you were around for those who needed help. Geez. You can't see anything from those trails apparently...except what's just before and behind and around you. Cornfield maze time. And if the sun's not shining, I'd be in trouble.

    1. But sometimes there is some interesting objects and critters in the brush. Keep reading for the next few days while I meander some more.

  2. Always carry a trail or topo map and a compass!

  3. The trail map is inspirational. Wish I was there to take a hike.
    Carry on saving hikers and having tooo much fun.

  4. You could get a job directing lost people. Only problem is it's not always easy to have tooooo much fun while working.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.