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A Little Action


Short Nature Trail

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/??/18
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The Nature Trail near the Diablo East parking lot is a nice one for a short walk of thirty minutes or so. It is nicely laid out and an easy stroll. Usually a few flowers are there to please your eyes and nose.

The trail is a very ordinary looking starting trail. It is in the far corner of the parking lot and drops through an opening in some ordinary looking shrubs.

The vegetation is marked with nice tags to tell you about all the weird looking items growing on the ridge. At the far right loop is the trail the OFM used to go down to fish in the lake. 

As you can see it is a treacherous trail to follow. The fishing was usually pretty good. The OFM is no longer using that trail for anything except to inspire memories. He would really make some damage to his body with those rocks.

Along the trail a bit was one bush with these really dramatic purple blossoms. They almost glowed in the sunlight. 

As we came back around on the return loop some nice cacti came into view. First was the cactus beds with blooms just starting to emerge.

Then there was a few blossoms hidden way deep in the thorns. The OFM could not get the camera down into the thorns for a picture.

Then after a bit of scratching around and gentle prodding we opened a path for the camera lens for this cactus cup blossom. Yep it was worth the effort.

From there on up to Sierra it was just a nice comfortable meander to the end of another peaceful adventure while trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trail to explore, love your pictures of the cactus blooms.

  2. Those purple flowers are very pretty!

  3. There is so much beauty in the desert. Glad you had an enjoyable walk.

    Have the Spring Breakers arrived at your campground?

  4. Just love your photos! I believe the beautiful purple flower is Texas Mountain Laurel, also know as Mescal Bean see here—
    Would you mind if I used your photo for a Watercolor painting?

  5. I was thinking about how treacherous the trail looks before I even read your comment. I'd break my neck for sure!