Lucky, Really Lucky

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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We got lucky, really lucky. When we went to dump for the first time out here in the desert, the Castle was positioned at the dump point, the sewer hose was attached and stretched a little bit to the dump hole.  The vinyl suddenly split in a couple of places with small tears. That hose has been in the Texas UV sun since who knows when. The splits were on top of the hose and very little waste leaked out. Of course it was black water first.

After the minor clean up and refilling the fresh water tank, the Castle was taken back to the camping spot. Then yesterday we tried to install new slip on end connectors on the new spare hose. The OFM fingers were just not able to get the job done. It was time for a more modern style of sewer hose.

 Off to Walmart we went. While in the RV section, we met a nice fellow who had had the same finger trouble a couple of years ago. He went to the Rhino brand of hose with the connectors already attached. He has had his for two years without any troubles at all. He did have to purchase an extension one time but the original hose was still going strong into his third year. So we took that as a special omen and purchased a Rhino hose for the OFM Teams.

New Hose in Box

Now we are set for a good long time of trouble free (we hope) sewer hose use. The old style couplings etc have been discarded. Old fingers eventually hit limits we guess.

Not a lot exciting is happening these days. However the OFM did notice a life event that happens close to the dusty roads out here. The spider webs that get put up each night near the roads seldom last a whole day.  The heavy dust clouds that passing vehicles cause as they pass by collect on the webs. By noon the webs collect enough dust that they get weighted down.  The resulting sag can be several inches. Apparently the dust coats the sticky parts and the webs no longer work.

Early Dust and Sagging

When we notice the webs later in the day, there is seldom any critters caught in the web. Whereas the webs farther out into the desert will have lots of insects caught in them and very little dust coating.

Do you think the OFM is getting simple minded when he thinks looking at dirty spider webs is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun?

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