Luxury Facilities

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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Sunsets are usually at the end of the blog entry. So tonight we are starting off with a great sky light show.

Oh and by the way that is a sunrise from our campsite.

During the running around on the major roads off in the desert you can raise a lot of off-white dust. And before you know it your vehicle will weigh about a hundred pounds more. Take a gander at the rear of Sierra. We gather a lot of dust but the dust clouds are even more huge as they layer the vegetation with dust for a quarter mile every direction.

Just so you will know that this is not some low rent location. The cost for the luxury campsite here is $2 a day for the Teams. Our necessities facilities are of the highest order. At least once a year all the dead insects, varmits and dust is flushed out of the facility. It does get a little warm in the summer and brisk in the winter but it is really first class boondocking.

We hope you have enjoyed this update on our campsite where we work hard at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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