Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Canyon Nature Trail

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/04/2018
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Tonight we start on the nature trail down by the Diablo East boat ramp. It is a very pleasant trail that is somewhat surfaced. Wheel chairs can handle it but small wheel baby carriages will have a rough ride. The trail winds around and down on the sides of a small canyon. Then it winds around and comes back on top right at the fish cleaning station on the main road. Then it runs along parallel to the main road but hidden back in the desert growth back to the starting point. We have found it to be a very nice trail of fairly easy walking but you do need to pay attention. Critters can pop out of the surrounding desert at any time.

So let us get started. At the very beginning next to the main parking lot rest room, you get to have a great view of a very small part of the lake.

Immediately we noticed that the blackbrush plants are starting to set blossoms for the soon Spring big bloom. And yes the OFM is having a fit with all the pollen saturating the air. Here the OFM is holding some pollen generators with their protective thorns. Those thorns will stick all the way through the sole of many shoes.

After we meandered down into the canyon a little way we took this picture to show you the terrain and the trail. On this particular day it was overcast and cool. Notice the trail surface is a bit rough but not really bad.

As we followed the trail around the walls of the canyon, each view was different and quite pretty in its own way. It definitely is some rugged meandering if you leave the trail. The OFM did not leave the trail. 

The were lots of pollen producers getting ready to explode. The camera was busy getting pictures of many of them. Those pictures will be coming soon.

We have been on this trail many times before and  starred it in this blog several times in the past. It is still a nice place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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