Forgotten Details

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: 03/03/2018

It was April 5 of last year when the Teams left our last boondocking site and we had not boondocked again until February 25 this year. It is going pretty well with bumps in the path. We have been amazed at how many used to be “automatic” things we had forgotten. It is good we chose Amistad campground for the re-entry into boondocking life style.

Walmart is only 7 miles into town. The water and dump station is about four miles away. So we have had a chance to have errors without major road trips required. One error is washing dishes. Way too much water is wasted in hookup dish washing. Today the OFM purchased paper plates to cut back on water usage. Brushing your teeth with a cup of water not with a faucet running even a little bit is another technique he had forgotten. His first couple of showers were too long. As a result of these and several other things our water supply will just make 7 days much less the normal 12-14 days.

We were lucky that our solar panels are still working very well since the first night we used over a third (instead of 1/4) of our battery capacity by leaving lights and chargers for electronics on when they were not being needed. 

If you have been on grid for a long while, be forewarned that you might have to relearn some formerly “automatic” techniques for boondocking. We like the boondocking as a good way of being RIGHT THERE where the having tooooo much fun is happening.

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