Blackbrush Canyon

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March 27, 2018
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It has been a drizzle day off and on all day. This evening it is drizzle time again. So what we have tonight is a quick trip to another fishing hole nearby. This is on Blackbrush Point at the Blackbrush Boat Launching Ramp. There are two picnic areas there. This location is achieved by parking at the first picnic area on the left hand loop as you get to the boat ramp.

Sierra managed to park safely. The OFM Fishing Team managed to get the OFM decently outfitted for the dangerous down hill round rocks hike to the water. In years past the OFM could tip toe lightly down the hill with no excitement at all. Those days are gone.

The Teams made it to the closest flat spots to the water but we were still at least ten feet above the water. The “little” cliffs that were stretching out to either side were definitely way outside the OFM abilities now.

So the OFM cast from upon high and managed to not leave a lure in the lake full of brush.  All was not lost. We at least got pictures of the little canyon for future reference. The OFM has kayaked in this canyon a few times in the past and it is excellent kayak country. The launching ramp works well for yaks also. Lots of parking back up the hill from the ramp. But your legs will tell you all about all the steep uphill walking you have done.

From the spot where the OFM was “fishing” looking left you can see where the canyon starts to open into the lake. Kayaking leaving the canyon leads you to several more winding canyons for your enjoyment. Watch out for the wind.

The right hand view is looking up canyon past the boat dock. The canyon bends to the right and then the left and quickly ends. So far the OFM has not had a wind that make that area difficult. wwe expect that it would take near tornado winds to get down into that part of the canyon.  However the brutal summer sun can make it down there easily.

At least the OFM remembered to take a picture of the “trail” back up to Sierra over the ball bearing rocks interspersed with the slip and slide rocks. Make no mistake it is treacherous walking going up or down that “trail”.

If you want a nice exciting hike, start at this spot and hike all around the end of the point and around to the other side where the floating dock is. Then walk up that path and back to your vehicle. The OFM has done it several times in the past and found it a decent way of getting lots of good views and trying to have tooooo much fun.

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