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Flower Crazy

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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The pictures have been piling up and the vegetation is changing fast. The spring flowers are starting to bust out all over the place. While wandering back from his delicious Whataburger breakfast in Del Rio, the OFM let Sierra divert down hwy 277 and we saw our first bluebell flowers for this season. That was a great thrill for the OFM. We did not have the camera along so they will get to grow a few hours more.

What the OFM noticed was a few flower pictures hiding in the left overs file from the last few days. So here some of them are today. As you may have noticed, that fat boy likes his flowers.

These blue beauties grow all over the area in clusters normally near rocks. Their color is much more brilliant but the sun washed them out a good bit.

A flock of flutter bys were molesting the yellow flowers near our path. They were the dickens to get a focused picture. We have here the least bad of about 20 attempts to get a focused photograph. It is still a nice rewarding sight we think.

The Texas sage brush are starting to really set flowers. The sweet scent of the sage brush is a very welcome addition to the generally nice fragrance of the West Texas desert. You can see a bit of the OFM pointing finger in the photograph to give some idea of the size of the blossom.

Since the picture was in fair focus, the computer decided to work on getting a close-up of the flower interior. It is a beauty isn’t it. We think the OFM got lucky on this picture.

Now this next flower is the only orange blossom we have seen so far. Maybe that makes it a Orange Blossom Special. We will let our readers make that call.
Orange Blossom Special

The computer worked over time to get this interior picture right. We need to start carrying a magnifying glass to check out the centers of the flowers while in the field. We named this picture Heart of the Orange Blossom Special.

Heart of the Orange Blossom Special

We hope you enjoy todays trip in flowerland. The OFM Teams certainly enjoyed having tooooo much fun bringing it to you.

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