New Tools

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas
Adventure Date: March, 2018
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Another hot miscellaneous day. The OFM decided it was time to outfit the Castle with cleaning tools that did not require 120 sine wave electrical supply. Our inverter is a square wave device so it works well for charging thing but some other things not  so well. On top of that it is only a 350 watt unit. 
The first item the OFM bought was a hand held vacuum. We have the 120 volt shop vacuum we have used for years but it draws too much power for our on board system. This new vacuum is easily recharged from our small inverter. Since we are hooked to regular 120 volt for about 8 months of the year, a larger inverter does not seem like a necessary expense. The hand vac does a decent job of cleaning so we feel it will be satisfactory for the boondocking uses.

Additionally our long time broom was checked out and found to be worn enough to be time for a replacement. Here is what we purchased.

The frizzy tips seem to do a good job even on the fine desert dust. We gave it a nice work out to break it in and it preformed well. Now that it has been shown what to do we expect it to do the job at least once a week without further bother to the rest of the Teams. 

At least the day came to a brilliant finish with a great sunset.

In a way we did accomplish a lot and having a trained broom to clean Castle should lead to a lot more trying to have tooooo much fun.

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