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Adventure Location: Road to Fabens, Texas
Adventure Date: March 31, 2018
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The OFM woke up to happy squealing little girls as only little girls can squeal. They were flying kites right out side of the bedroom window. But the OFM quickly realized he as partially blind with a migraine attack.

 What a way to start a rolling day! Getting ready went on along and the Teams got through with the dump station at 1000 on the dot. Now we knew the roads we were going to take but not where we would stop for the night.

It was 395 miles later and we got here. The roads were not busy for the most part.

But since we are such high class travelers tonight we are sleeping in a parking lot next to Interstate 10. It is the Fabens Tx Rest Stop.

Some quiet sleep time would even be better than trying to have tooooo much fun for now.


  1. Wait a minute... partially blind? Did I read that right?

    Glad you found a spot!
    Rest stops are some of my favorite spots to spend the night if I'm traveling. I even have a favorite, the Dismil Nitch rest area in WA state.

    1. Yes you read it right. The first part of my migraine attacks are four to thirty minutes of normally partial blindness. It is a very common start of an attack for lots of folks.

  2. Just for your info..

  3. Nice that you made it safely to you Luxury spot for the night, we have stayed there a few times over the years.

  4. That was a long driving day for you. Glad you made it Safely to your present location and decided rest was the best option. It's wise to save having tooooo much fun for another day.
    Be Safe and Happy Easter Barney!

    It's about time.

  5. What a time to get one of your migraine headaches. You had a long drive yesterday!