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Seagrass Mess

Adventure Location:  Light House Lakes Park,Texas
Adventure Date: 11/23/2017

Light House Lakes Park is on highway 361 between Aransas Pass, Texas and Port Aransas, Texas. LHL fronts on what we hear called the shrimp boat channel. It provides a great area for shore access to some good fishing as well as a heavily used paddle craft launching location. Even on a less than ideal day like this day was, there were plenty of folks launching to go fishing in the marshes surrounding the the area.

Hurricane Harvey flooded this area. That was not hard since the nominal normal elevation is only two feet or less above normal tide levels. The park has decent rope and post designated places to park your vehicle. There are picnic tables with a little roof for shade. 

There were a few elevated information platforms over looking the channel. It was a well done effort. However they are all destroyed now. Here is a typical one as is now.

The whole area is a seagrass protection zone so the floods left us lots of old seagrass to breed flies while hanging from things. Almost anything horizontal has a layer of seagrass on it right now. Eventually it will rot enough to hit the dirt. The flies and mosquitoes are already a major trouble.

In spite of the less than ideal insect situation this is a very useful and well used location of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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