No More Biting

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

It is amazing how much safer it is for using scissors for cutting tag ends of fishing line than teeth.  The OFM thinks he will buy a pair of nail clipper type of fishing line cutters and carry them in his fishing vest. It should make his life a lot safer than it is now.

While near the harbor today we took a few pictures of some of the damage still around and some other mementos of Harvey. The first photograph is of the foundation where the very nice Rockport Aquarium was located. Apparently it was a total loss.

When we got back here on November 1 this slab had already been cleaned off. The building used to house some really neat things from the early 1900s as well some nice fish in aquariums. We are very sorry to see it gone.

About 200 yards away is the Art Garden that has sculptures. The Art Garden was right outside the Art Center. It is a nice place to sit and enjoy the views of the harbor area. The patio at one end of the Garden is being used to hold damage residuals from the Art Center. It is not a pretty sight.

We did not see any of the statues with serious damage. The statue of the whooping cranes looks like it came through in fine shape. People are not allowed into the interior of the Garden yet but from around the edges of the Garden it appears to be only needing some soap and water to be in good shape again. Here is the whooping crane statue.

Some good news is that the shrimp harvest is still going good and eating and bait shrimp are in good supply. For the folks fishing the area waters, the fish supply seems to be decent. However it is flounder season and flounder do not seem to be in good supply for now.

Here is a shrimp boat all ready to head out tomorrow morning for some more harvesting. The OFM Teams consider eating well prepared shrimp an excellent way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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