Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Foot Weary

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

Near the harbor is a palm tree that was beat around a good bit but on a bright windy day it was proudly standing tall.

Now that is the sort of folks this country needs more of for sure.

Yesterday the OFM was going to head down to the Gulf beaches and see how the Port Aransas recovery was coming along. We had just turned on the road that crosses the marshes when the worst migraine he has had in a long time hit. The blindness came on fast but we got shut down near the beach before the blindness was total. About an hour later the vision was back in good shape but the headache was very strong.

The beach seemed to be a nice place to hold up while the OFM recovered enough to take us all back to the Castle. We did not make it over the channel to Port A but we did have a nice time meandering around along the beach looking at whatever got in front of us. The water was very calm and the air temperature was just right. Here is the beach we were meandering on.

Several small conch critters were making their way from the water up into the marsh grass. The OFM was able to get a decent close up of one of them. We named this picture FOOT WEARY.

After enough recovery time the OFM was able to do a little fishing from the shore to pass the time. No bites were felt during that time. Soon we headed back to the Castle to get some horizontal time.

A good bit of time today was spent getting some things ready for the feast tomorrow. It should be a grand event for having tooooo much fun.

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