OFM In A Fog

Adventure Location:  Rockport,Texas
Adventure Date: 11/29/2017

The morning was an early awakening and then headed to the waterfront to look around. The OFM was suffering residual migraine difficulties so we knew it had to be a gentle day. As we meandered around the harbor and the light brightened enough to see, we saw a sight we had not seen here before. There was a thick fog bank out on the bay working its way over to the Rockport Beach area. 

Usually the whole is area is fogged in or none of it. We wondered what caused this difference. As the sun made more and more appearance the fog bank seemed to run around the area making different scenes to enjoy. Photographing fog is not an easy task we found out. However we think it makes a nice picture.

With the OFM being not in the best form the Teams voted to just ease around for a while this morning letting His Highness just take pictures. The Feather Leg Locals voted in favor of that. Beside this way they get there picture put out on the web for all to admire.

The vegetation of the shore seems to be recovering rather well from Hurricane Harvey. Over on the Allegro Channel peninsula the different types of shore succulent are thriving again. The grassy type of vegetation is taking longer to get recovered but is showing signs of coming back also. This particular succulent was extra vibrant this morning it seemed. It had had a fresh fog bath and seemed to be ready for a new day of growth.

We also stumbled across a palm leaf stem that had apparently been in the water a good while. This was another new event for the Teams. We had not seen barnacles growing on a palm limb before. This on was washed up on the Rockport Beach near the wood fishing pier.

If a person looks carefully, it seems there is always something interesting washing up of the shore of any large body of water. But we think ocean shores are the best of all for looking for unique things. December is a rather good year on the beaches around here normally. We are really looking forward to what hurricane remnants come ashore during the winter wave action at the ocean front.
Winter beach combing is always a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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