Chores Day

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

It was a restless night but the OFM hit the floor about 0700 when some light started coming in the windows. It was 2000 before he shut down to write tonight’s blog entry. The result is that he is very tired out at this time.

Breakfast was purchased at Whataburger and eaten while talking to an old acquaintance that had recently arrived back in town. After the two of them putting out enough hot air to warm up the entire state of Texas, the OFM headed for the harbor and some fishing. 

In the hour he was there he caught two nice speckled trout that were about 18 inches long. Here is the first one.

As expected the second was a carbon copy for size and ferocity.  Both were thrown back in.

Then we hit the road for Port Aransas to see how they were doing with the massive rebuild brought on by Hurricane Harvey. They really took a severe hit. The Port A report will be a separate blog entry.

After taking a few pictures during our exploring we headed back across the ferry.  Lighthouse Lakes Park is a couple of miles from the ferry landing so we stopped to explore a bit more. We have a few pictures from there now for another blog soon.

By then it was lunch time and a quick lunch was eaten. Next was laundry time.  It was a large load today but the laundry was only moderately busy. An hour and a half later we were on the way home to put all the laundry away.

But right outside the laundry door was a flower seed pod of some sort. The pod was about the size of a nickel. We got a normal distance picture first. Then a very close up of the pod. We have no idea what brand of flower it is, but is certainly is distinctive.

Chores and more chores kept on hammering the OFM but finally in late afternoon he took a break and hit the harbor for another hour of fishing. Naturally he caught two more carbon copy 18“ speckled trout.  Here is the picture of the first one. 

After number two went back into the water , the OFM decided to do a bit more chores back at the Castle. Then it was over to the restaurant for Chicken Tacos and iced Tea. And now it is blog writing time and the OFM is too worn out for trying to have tooooo much fun after this is published. ZZZZ. 

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