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Little Bay Area Review

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas

A look around the After Harvey scene near Little Bay in Rockport. There is serious frequent damage to things but lots of the town is back up and running sufficient for visitors to still have a great time.

A big ITEM that is missing is the super crab. It is totally gone but the poles it was mounted on are waiting. Somebody mounted a large painting of the crab on the poles as a placeholder. It is our guess that a new plastic crab will magically appear one day.

While we were meandering around that end of Little Bay this next picture happened to show up. It was a nice calm hot day and the egret seemed to be guarding his hunting territory because no other birds were coming into the area.

We walked back across the Beach road to the south end of the beach to evaluate the idea of walking the loose sand to the other end. Laziness won that argument. So we spent a few minutes meandering around admiring how most of the beach sand made it through Harvey still in this location.

The normal quantity of shells is pretty decent but for now there is only a few here and there. We thought this was a pretty shell. Some beach combers can probably tell you what kind of shell it is.

WE, of course, are just wandering around getting the lay of the land again.  A couple of attempts of fishing have yielded no fish, but we will persevere. After all fishing is one way we know of for trying to have way tooooo much fun.

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