Beach Play

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

We made it down to Packery Channel a couple of days ago. It was a nice day and the first time we had been on the island since Hurricane Harvey smashed it much harder than Rockport. The parking area at Packery was in good shape and Sierra liked the nice paved parking.

The OFM Meandering Team got all ready and headed out toward the beach and Gulf of Mexico by following Packery Channel down stream through the dunes and on to the beach. The dunes have been in the OFM Adventures many times and, as usual, are fairly picturesque.  At least the Teams really like them. Much of the island beaches are still closed to folks while dangerous trash and garbage is cleaned up. Here is the main dune just past the parking lot. It is a bit of a climb if you want to scramble yourself up to the top.

From the end of the paved parking lot to the beach is about a quarter mile. When you break out of the dunes here is your view looking north on the beach.

The dunes continue on for many miles as does the beach. Beach combing is one of the many fun things there is to do on the Texas beaches. Lots of interesting things get washed up here from all over the Caribbean  and even from way up north in the Mississippi River drainage. Sometimes things like this huge log show up. We spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out the ????? of the log.  The root ball was almost higher than the nearby vehicle.

The day was bright and warm so the surfing types were out playing in the waves. Our waves down here are not the really large types. A six foot tall wave is pretty much it.

Still we get a lot of them so there is usually some folks riding the waves.  Some Sundays with a little alcohol involvement it can get a bit too interesting.

Any way you look at it there seems to always be someway along the Texas coast for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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