Beaching Around

Adventure Location:  Port Aransas, Texas
Adventure Date: 11/24/2017

Sierra was ready to run this morning. After a great Whataburger breakfast platter the OFM was ready to waddle and off we went to ride the Port Aransas ferry. Traffic has been light lately so using the ferry has not been slow like it was last summer  ( 2+hours wait).

The severity of the damages in PA were quite a bit more than a few miles inland at Aransas Pass. The Station Street Pier is an example of what we mean. It was a concrete structure that the OFM did not expect to sustain more damage than the light posts being blow away. Here is a picture of the entrance to the pier and the restroom that was next to it.

It was a pretty decent facility and some really large fish were caught there in the past. The ship channel is very close to the T-head and ocean going size fish came to the pier and gave us lots of excitement at times. Here is what it looks like now from where the men's restroom used to be.

Along the Port A jetty is lots of changes. Huge amounts of sand has shifted around. The concrete topping has been badly damaged in several places. However folks are still fishing the jetty and catching fish there. We took this next picture from near the waters edge at the base of the jetty. Plenty of folks are using it and the beach for recreation now. In fact a neighbor of the OFM is in that picture somewhere since we found out later he was on the jetty fishing this day. Notice the incoming ship in the upper right.

Sierra took us on down the beach just sightseeing. The beach has had some good cleaning up and the water is very pretty. Folks are out just having fun “beaching” around. We are expecting to have a great December for the shelling since the bottom has had so much stuff disturbed and loose to wash ashore.

Beaching around is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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