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New Style of Year Coming

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

It was a fairly calm day of getting ready for the HUGE feed of the masses. The food was excellent and the visiting wonderful, but the after meal nap was the best.

The best we can recall today is the first day of year 11 of this blog. How in the world can one OFM manage to put out that much hot air for so long and still be so puffed up like a Michelin Tire man. There was not a lot of excitement in town but we bet the highway going to the Corpus Christi shopping malls will be heavy with traffic by dawn in the morning. The OFM WILL NOT be in the masses.

Now it will be time to get presents sent to Alabama and Christmas cards into the mail. The end of the year chores need to be accomplished and preparations done for boondocking and campgrounding starting soon.

 Starting in early April we have had difficulties keeping us stationary for four months in Rockport, Texas. Then three months in Decatur, Alabama for grand daughter Piper’s birth. Then back here for medical concerns in Rockport, Texas for two months. That is basically nine months of stationary out of twelve. We are hoping to flip that ratio the other way this year. Overall it has been an interesting year so far. With a little luck we will get some more great pictures of the coast before we roll Jan.1, 2018 toward our new efforts of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So glad the masses were well fed and the nap accomplished. Masses fed here as well. It will be nice for you to get back out there and keep those wheels rolling in the new year, tooooo much fun to be had out there.

  2. I hope the next year works out like you want it to!

  3. I, too, hope all your plans work out! I want to go with you via Blogger.

  4. It has been too long since you scratched that hitch itch.

  5. You know if you stay in one place too long you start to put down roots, and roots are to be avoided at all cost. Roll-on big fella, roll-on.


    1. I appreciate the offer, but I'll just wait for my dental appointment.