Mud Stuff?

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

The OFM has been stressing out on some minor issues of life. Some conclusions  came about and sure enough he was worried to death over near nothing. He can be a worrier DELUXE to say the least.

As he passed the fishing pier near the harbor he wisely and accidentally decided to fish a bit to attempt to calm down.  About five casts into the session and WHAM a nice fish was on. The fight raged for a couple of minutes and the 23.25 inch long speckled trout was landed and measured.

Then the hook was removed and she was sent back into the water to build more large specks for catching next year. That was a wonderfully fun break from worrying. Nope the OFM did not have the camera along so you will just have to believe his measurement memory.

In our small pile of photos is this picture taken at Packery Channel of a rock with who know what embedded in it. Our guess is that it is a sedimentary rock that got a bunch of stuff embedded into it when it was mud.  It down an awkward slope so the OFM did not attempt to get down close enough to touch it.  Maybe next time he will be more agile and get in some touching.

An now the OFM is worn and frazzled and thinks going to bed early might be the best way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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