Situation Update


Adventure Locations:

Point Mallard Campground

Decatur, Alabama

Date: June 2, 2023

It has been an eventful day today. But first set up the scene OFM so it might make sense. We have come to Point Mallard Campground for primarily the grand kids for the summer fun. However the OFM is also needing to see the doctor about the next treatments on his damaged right eye. But getting a campsite in this area is not an easy thing especially for several weeks in case of surgery again on the eye. We have taken a site in the short term two week sites for two reservations worth of time. Four weeks total. That is all that was available yesterday. None are available for the fourth of July time frame at all.

So we were put on the waiting list for a long term site. They allow you to stay as long as you pay for the site monthly. There are two monthly sites coming up for taking in the next few days. We are on the list too get either one that comes up. Two sites on the list and we are third on the list. So we do not have a guarantee of a long term site. If one of the first two customers does not take a long term site, then we get it for as long as we pay for it and everything works out just fine for the OFM Teams.

However if both first comers take the sites we will not have enough reserved time in the short timer sites for the doctor work if the OFM eye needs longer to do the work on it than we guess. All we can do is hang around and hope all the while knowing that there is no guarantee at all. Camp grounds in this area of Alabama are in very short supply compared to the number of campers wanting campsites. One thing that the workers and manager at this campground has shown is a strong desire to help us get our medical done in any ethical way they can help. Scott, the manager and his folks have shown extreme concern to help us. We are extremely pleased by the attention his teams have applied to our difficulty. The good side is that the worst we will have to do is roll out to the south in July and let them set us up for July when the situation allows us to move into a long term site as available. Even though that is a nuisance we can make it work. So there is good hope to get the medical done by the end of August.

On to new information. It is no secret that the OFM has been examining his life situation with his aging and studying have a smaller rig since he carries around a lot less stuff now. He saw a smaller Jayco today in the campground that seemed about the size rig set up he has had in mind.

So we went to work researching on the model and found out that the trailer was only four feet shorter than the Castle. We researched even more and found out it was about 800 pounds lighter is all. The refrigerator was a three CF model instead of the 6 CF model the Castle has. It also has tanks half the size of the Castle tanks, 18 gallon instead of 40 gallon.. All it all it did not come close to doing what we hoped to accomplish. It did show that we probably will not find a rig that will drop enough size to please the OFM without removing too much comfort space. You are Right Mr. Boondork. Comfort space is important So now we have finished our search of a rig to replace the Castle and our clean out of non essential stuff will continue to just lose weight. For instance we already only carry minimal fresh water when just rolling down the road for any significant distance. Usually around 15 gallons max. That easily gets us through three days on the road heading somewhere far, roughly around a thousand miles.

Looking at this from the bank doorway we can see several thousands of our dollars happy to spend more time with their friends in the bank vault instead of out in that hot desert.

We shall see what tomorrow brings our location difficulty. We are ready to get back to trying to have too much fun.


  1. Maybe check out the Jayco Micro 166FBS. Not sure how it would compare to the Castle, but it is a lightweight with a couch instead of a dinette and good storage.