Morning Sun


Wrong Place Again


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 5-20-2021

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The OFM got a big surprise today. It wasn't yet 1500 when he was recovered from the 3 + miles this morning. It was a pleasant walk and the wind was brisk. No pictures jumped out in front of us.

The art supplies were due in today by way of FedEx. When the tracking site declared “Delivered” the OFM jumped up and went to the office to get it. At the office we found it was not there. Good Grief what now again. To cut the story short, about an hour later we found that the package had been delivered to the wrong address across the the street at the golf course. It was in good shape with the correct address on the label. Good Grief again.

So how about a new painting for your comments.

This is the one that we showed the sketch that was used to start the painting. We think it came out adequate. And it was definitely a lot of fun.

The new art supplies that came in today was a box full of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I really like those bright colors.

  2. Yes! I remember the drawing well! I thought it was more than fine. And you have done a good job on adding the color...I knew immediately it was California poppies...Nice color choices. Looks good. This one is a keeper.
    Glad you had a good walk and still felt perky.

  3. Fedex used to be ultra reliable, but recently I have had several parcels delivered to wrong address. Including an overnight, urgent delivery of medications that was delivered to wrong address and Fedex could not identify where they delivered it. Fortunately, the recipient was home and a neighbor at location of delivery walked it over to correct address. FEDEX NOT RELIABLE ANYMORE!!!

  4. I'm glad you were able to find your stuff!
    Last month we had a FedEx delivery that just never got here. They re-addressed it sent to an address my wife used to live at 12 years ago on the other side of the continent. Very odd...