Roof Fishing


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 5-15-2021

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It was an eventful day for sure. We arrived right on time at the grands home. The usual mayhem was well in progress. A fun time with my son and a fishing rod was had. Gavin had flung a flying ring and it landed on the roof. So my son got out a fishing rod with a small jig on it to try to cast up onto the roof and hang the ring. But even with a perfect cast the jig was just too light for the job.

After about twenty tries it was back to the garage to find a heavier weight item. Aha a tubing tee looked to be about right. It was tied on the line. Careful aim and the first cast put the tee in the right place and he was able to drag the ring down the roof and back to our hands. This was actually a fun time with lots of giggles for us.

Then it was visit time for a while until a pizza lunch was ordered and delivered. It was wonderful pizza and the OFM loved it.

We were having a good visit but the OFM was starting to feel badly. Finally he had to cut the visit short and head home.

Arriving home he realized he had a need to get horizontal, so he did. Two hours later he awoke with a bad headache and a fever. While he was analyzing the situation he realized he was scratching at a bite bump on his chest near his right armpit. Then he realized he had been scratching that spot all morning thinking it was a mosquito bite.

A look inside his shirt revealed a quarter sized large bump with a red bite spot in the center. AHA we have the trouble diagnosed. A good washing and then some triple antibiotic grease rubbed on it was the guess for recovery.

Sure enough in the next half hour the headache went away, the redness turned to a very light pink and the itching quit. We were very glad to find out it was not something contagious we could have given anyone.

So tonight as we are writing this, the OFM is doing about 95% recovered. We would certainly like to know what bit him so we can stay away from that critter. It is a really horrible critter that gets in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. By the sounds of your adventure it could have been a Sting that might have occurred while in the back yard.
    Getting rid of ill feelings is a great way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I totally forgot about stings instead of bites. My OLD memory failed me. Thank you.

  2. Like I said above "We would certainly like to know what bit him so we can stay away from that critter." Still have no idea but I am pretty sure it was not a wolf.