Shot Again


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 5-27-2021

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After LOTS of research on the Internet and racking his memory of his young years, the OFM decided he matched enough of his history to the recommendations that he get the shingles vaccinations. So it was off to the local Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy to sign up to get perforated again.

As we talked with the lady at the Pharmacy we found out that the OFM could get stuck today for only $175 out of pocket. Then we would need the second shot in two months for another $175.

Sometimes you have to pay to try to be healthy we guess. Anyway No.1 was done after all the questions and lecture was finished. And tonight the OFM is “enjoying” the sore penetration site just like the Internet and paperwork said would happen. There are some more symptoms that might show up but all the symptoms should be over with in two more days. The OFM has seen one person I his life with a bad case of shingles and he does not want any of it for him.

Another “event” of the day got the OFM to thinking of when we roll out of Grandkid land. Lots of weather research went on about heading into New Mexico for a good stay. Our old book of NM maps was consulted for notes from the four years we roamed in NM for a few months each year.

One thing for sure, according to the notes, we will have to get used to not having decent Internet all the time. But the scenery is pretty wonderful. AND lots of the camping is FREE as we found out last time there. However a huge chunk of the great scenery is pretty high altitude for the OFM to handle, so that will have to be taken into consideration.

With all the different things considered, it was amazing that a “not leave before” date came into focus. All the things considered put us at the earliest leave time of August 16. So now we have some goals to plan for. The grandson will be back in school by then so that is a good happening. Also we would end up missing out on all the “fun” of the Labor Day Mess here in Decatur, Alabama.

We think that tomorrow will be a good day for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Smart move on your shingles shot, Barney. I would have thought Medicare would have paid for it.

  2. Oh yea! NM. My favorite state. Something to look forward to. I'll be having a short trip there at the end of June....to Canones, in the northern part. Seems like a long time since I last went anywhere.

    1. Should be really pretty up there. 6700 feet of altitude is historically too high for me. Have fun.

  3. I've never visited New Mexico in early September as a full-timer, but I've been there many times as a tourist, and if memory serves, in less I was up pretty high in altitude New Mexico was darn hot. Normally the humidity is low so it would be tolerable, but late summer is there rainy season and the humidity is not as low as you might think. But with air conditioning you should be okay. I was there in a Hallmark pop-up slide-in truck camper with no air conditioner visiting White Sands NP and it was pretty miserable.


  4. When I got mine I ran into the same. However, Goodrx does offer a coupon and it saved me almost half the cost. This happened at H E B.