Lucky Ripple


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 5-24-2021

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We got a cool start to the morning walk about 0700. An hour later or so we got back and it was hot, still and humid. Yep the OFM took off his wet t shirt and rinsed it out in the bath tub and hung it up to dry for tomorrow. BUT we did get a few nice pictures to celebrate being upright and breathing.

A nice picture we got today was this next one. It is a picture of a reflection that got the OFM's attention. As the OFM was squeezing the shutter button something touched the surface and caused the ripple that can be seen near the center of the picture. IF it was not for the ripple it would be hard to tell that the picture is of a reflection. This was a very fortunate happening.

The high humidity and moderate heat gave the OFM an excuse to stay in the air conditioning and play with art equipment on the kitchen table. But when he needed to get up and stretch the rest of the teams chomped on his rear to replace the burned out porch light. He finally relented and went outside for the task.

The moaning and groaning was horrible but he went to work. The folding ladder was brought out from under the Castle and set up. Then the OFM had to come inside to find a new light bulb. Then he had to climb all the way three feet up the ladder. The fixture clear part had to be removed. There went another 20 seconds. Then the bulb was replace and the clear cover replaced. Another forty seconds gone forever.

Oh good grief now the ladder has to be folded and put back under the Castle. Then he had to brush his shoe soles off on the entry mat. Through the door to a nice long rest from all the hard hot work was in order. (4.8 minutes in all) All that hard work was worth it.

Today we made the walking turn back on the trail and the scene was rather nice so the OFM grabbed a picture of our turn around point. This is where a small slough comes in from Flint Creek and the trail loops out and around it to continue for a couple more miles. However we turn back at this point. We think it is a pretty scene.

The OFM feels he is ready to attempt to play nine holes of golf again after almost two years of recuperation. That may be where we will be trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Don't wait, do it now. Hope you enjoy that golf!

    1. The trouble is the left arm I injured in March of 2020. I have been re-habing it and hoping it will hold up for decent golf swings.