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Whatcha doing?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Whatcha doing OFM? “I am frentically cleaning out leftover things from my past life.” The OFM doing things in a hurry, oh give us a break. The only thing he moves fast for is a chicken fried steak.

His real objective is to lighten the load in Comfort Castle. During the last year or so he has had to cut back on his physical endeavors like yakking, biking and wild country hiking. Most of the equipment for his past fun has been moved to other folks that can still do those things. He is a bit sad he has aged out of some of that fun, but on the other hand he is extremely grateful that he did all that wild stuff while he safely could. Of course sometimes he was more successful than others but he did try and did not wait (see blog motto above).

What started this off was a little cabinet reordering. Suddenly there it was; a remanent of a past activity. Why is this still here? We will not use it again so out it goes. That really sparked some cleaning out, repacking and general “get that out of here” activity. It has been quite a surprise at the amount of small items hidden in the corners that no longer belonged in the Castle.

We even found clothing that has not been used in over five years and definitely will not be needed in the foreseeable future. Three pair of pants and a few shirts left the Castle. Some other “spare” clothing items that have not been used since we have no idea when have joined the exodus. 

A major side effect of this is more empty cabinets and storage bins. Then a side effect of more storage bins and empty cabinets has led to the OFM taking a close look at Comfort Castle to see if the Teams need to get smaller in the trailer department. Our box is about 148 square feet now with a lot of empty space. Comfort Castle has always been bigger than we really needed but being built for off road use it was very handy. The rolling weight of the Castle is about 5800 pounds. Dry, Comfort Castle weighs 4888 pounds according to the builders listing.  Looking at other trailers that seems to fit our needs now, it appears that we can drop about 2500 pounds of towing weight and not lose any significant ability other that of off road on bad terrain. That would really make Sierra a very happy light duty truck.

We are still waiting for the insurance company to take action on Sierra. Then a week for Sierra repairs will be needed. So we have chosen two objectives to fill the time in this miserable hot part of the country while we wait to hold Piper.
1. We will be taking a careful look at what we can and want to do during the next few years.
2. After number 1 is understood we will be giving a change of trailers some serious consideration.

Who knows what the Teams will do but you can bet that we will be out trying to have tooooo much fun somewhere.

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