Calm Nlght


Wasting Paper

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

OK the OFM is eating breakfast and reading the Internet items of interest when he loses part of his vision. Oh Great another migraine. So most of the morning was spent “getting extra bed rest” as the symptoms slowly ease away. Now we get to take it especially easy today since it is way to hot for a well old person to be out in it.

He did go out for a Whopper and senior drink. But it was right back into the AC he went. So what can an old sick fool do? He leaves a message on the insurance jerks recorder to call back to answer a question please.

The the OLD Fool decides to play with his paints and paraphernalia to see what happens. A technique the OFM is using with some success is to paint essentially the same scene in several different mediums and styles. The purpose of this is to find a style that the person likes and or does well. 

The OFM has a couple of mediums he likes to use. One is watercolor and the other is oil pastels. He is well aware that he will never do any art effort well so he is striving only for the likes (fun) part. In other words he is having fun making colorful garbage fodder.

This after noon his aching (remember migraine in progress) head is having weird thoughts. Why not just use the watercolor paint just as it comes from the tube? A search on the Internet found only one reference to an artist that does that. That artist does it a lot and his nice work has a brightness like oil pastels. So the OFM set to work wasting watercolor paints smearing them on paper. It turns out that it is a good way of painting to have fun in his opinion. It also pointed out that his extremely cheap paint brushes are extremely incompetent for spreading paint with some body to them.

Here is the result including obvious errors of learning.

At least it has been a nice way to stay inside the AC while trying to have tooooo much fun while waiting on an insurance jerk.

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