Calm Nlght


The Squeal

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM awoke very early for him this morning. The outside temperature at 0600 was only 79 so he hurried his breakfast and we headed for the harbor to try to get in a decent walk. We made a pretty good size loop of the area. However he kept on slowing down with the excuse to take a photo or two. We think he was just too fat to keep up a good pace. He did get a few nice pictures we will be seeing for the next few days.

We were there in time for the first light fishing sun to peep over the horizon.  It made for a nice photo we think.

Over at the Education Center is a new sculpture on the porch. This rusty pelican is pretty cute at a distance but up close it is really nice piece of art work. Stop in to see it and sign Jessica’s visitors book.

As the OFM whizzed past some of the finger docks this still reflection caught his attention so he used it as an excuse to rest AGAIN. cheeesh. Wimp.

The OFM was able to have a nice long phone call with his DIL this afternoon. They talked of many different things, not the least was the OFM's hoped arrival date. Then towards the last Piper started to awaken and the OFM got to hear her squealing with joy. Wow that was neat. Now the Teams are really antsy to get rolling.

With a little luck things will start to happen tomorrow. There are emails and calls to both the insurance company and the repair place to see what is going on. It would be nice to have Sierra back in complete repair in time to make it to Alabama by August 1. Then the OFM really would be having tooooo much fun.

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