Calm Nlght


Significant Progress

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Bright and early this morning about 0930 the OFM tangled with the bathroom closet. That is the closet with the hanging clothes and some in small baskets. When he started the clothes went from the right wall in the next picture to past the door divider just out of view to the left. That is a lot of clothes that left the closet.

While he was in there, he attacked the upper shelf and its myriad of things. Now the top shelf has a trouble since there is room for whats left to slide around during travel. That will be addressed tomorrow he says.
After some rest and lunch he confronted the sink area cabinets and drawers. The cabinets were in good shape since they had had a big clean out in the last year. The drawers were a different story. Each drawer was dumped onto the table and then washed out and given a light application of chlorine to help purify them.

Then things that should be there were put back. Things that should not be there were put over on the couch for relocation. By the time all this  was done and the dining room cabinets checked it was supper time. The dining room cabinets had very little to change since they were part of last years big clean out also. But a little bit of stuff did leave the Castle.
We hope that tomorrow will bring to completion the clean out/reordering of Comfort Castle. This will give the Teams a chance to see how much stuff we actually need and what storage facilities will be needed for our travels.
Some good news is that the outside storage has always been in minimum content. We will go through them but likely very little will need to be changed. From the looks of things this effort needed to be done no matter what happens in the near future anyway. Too much stuff to take care of can get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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