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Rim Trail Photos

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

This is the last post from Rockport, Tx. for now. We do not know of any wifi available until we get to Decatur, Alabama so it could easily be four days until you hear from the teams again. We are coupled up and mostly ready to roll. The weather is supposed to be miserably hot for the first two legs of the trip.

Meanwhile back at Rockport let us enjoy the rim trail photographs. The OFM walked along the edge and took pictures of the rocks and water down below us. Three of them turned out pretty nice.

 The first two are showing where the rock wall goes down into the water. Sometimes there is some substantial wave action there, but the wind was low this day.  The OFM thought he was safe to walk near the edge on this day. As it worked out he did not fall in.

This last picture shows where some current sometimes back flows around the structure to make cute swells you could play in if you went down there.

Now ya’ll be careful and safe while we head on out to try to have tooooo much fun.

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