Calm Nlght


Non-Insurance Company

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Here it is Saturday morning and Sierra is still at the repair shop but is finished with the repair. The problem is getting National General non-Insurance to do their part. Answering phones and returning calls is not part of their business plan. When the OFM went to the repair shop he found out that National General non-Insurance has sent the shop a few hundred dollars less than the agreed on amount.

So Sierra is being held for payment from National General non-Insurance to the repair shop. Naturally National General non-Insurance has not been answering the phone as the OFM tries to get more days added to his rental car contract.

Speaking of the rental Hyundai Veloster, after five days of living with it the OFM has changed his opinion of the little car. It is no where near as good as he reported in the previous blog.

So now the Teams are trying to figure out how to get a bit of service from a non-service non-insurance company. And Folks that is not the way for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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