Calm Nlght


Highway 77 North

Adventure Location: Hwy 77, Texas

The OFM had the Teams up and rolling about 0715 this morning in hopes of escaping most of the over 100 degree heat predicted for our destination. We almost made it. However we did have a very comfortable trip. Sierra seemed to like the new weight distributing hitch in general. The first thing we noticed is the hitch had too much lift in the setting. Sierra kept spinning her rear tires when we left from a stop. Other than that things went well.

The other new development was the OFM had been reading the book on the Tow/Haul setting on the transmission. The Castle’s weight  is within about 300 pounds of the GMC recommended weight to use the T/H feature. So the OFM put that feature to work today when we got inland a ways and the road was no longer flat. Yep it makes a lot of difference and he tried with and without and it will definitely be with in the future. For the 185 miles today Sierra managed a bit over 10 MPG.

After a couple of hours of easy traffic rolling it was time for a respite and a nice rest area came along at the right moment. There were huge trees in the rest area. One of them was just right to shade the Teams from the bright sun.

After a nice walk around in the shade and a snack inside the Castle the Teams moved on. The road was nice and rolling. This is one of the nice areas in Texas.

It is rolling farm/ranching land and has nice scenery in general for miles. In the spring it sometimes is wildflower spectacular. Right now they are needing some serious rain instead of 100+ temperatures.

After a few more miles the OFM noticed we were way ahead of schedule. Shortly after that a nice looking and shady rest area came into view. He whipped the rig right into it like he knew what he was doing. Parking in the shade of a couple of trees was a great choice. We got in a nice long rest and a walk around. Then the OFM took a morning nap that seemed to make him feel great. A bit of a snack again and then we set off for our destination. Check out the shade at this place.

We pulled into Sonnys RV Park in Lexington Texas just about 1300. It was a nice finish to an easy day of rolling. We want to be well rested for tomorrow’s 225 miles. 

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